Democracy by the People, coming soon from Cambridge University Press

Eugene Mazo and I have put together a new book on reforming campaign finance in the United States, soon available from Cambridge University Press and

Here are some advance comments:

“At a time when pay-to-play plutocrats and foreign presidential payoffs are choking off government by the people, the contributors to this timely collection are reviving the project of American democracy with a series of practical and viable reform proposals. In a dark time, we owe them thanks for bringing the light.” Jamie Raskin, Vice-Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, and American University, Washington

“Many of us are discouraged about a campaign finance system that has led to widespread distrust of our political process. Reform seems impossible because of entrenched interests and an unsympathetic Supreme Court. But this timely book shows that significant pragmatic change is achievable. Democracy by the People is required reading for citizens, activists and scholars alike – it is a tour de force.” Ann Ravel, Former Chair and Commissioner, Federal Election Commission, and Former Chair, California Fair Political Practices Commission

More information coming soon…

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