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  •  ***The Third Coming of American Plutocracy*** How important is campaign finance reform? How significant is the role played by democracy reformers today? Government by and for the wealthy has ruled the United States during three historical eras: the slavery era, the industrial era (including the Gilded Age), and today’s neoliberal era. I argue that the importance of campaign finance reform cannot be understood without examining the parallels between these categorically unjust periods and our own moment in history. Democracy remains unfinished. To guarantee freedom, equality, and self-government for all, a new stage of the civil rights movement is required. This chapter appears in Democracy by the People: Reforming Campaign Finance in America (Eugene D. Mazo & Timothy K. Kuhner, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2018).

The Constitution of Social Democracy : Alan Bogg : 9781509916573

  • ***The Abolition of Class Government*** Every political system has a foundational principle–a core structural prescription about how the economy and the state are supposed to operate. Take as examples ‘the abolition of private control of the means of economic production’ and ‘the establishment of communist party control over the means of political production.’ Those foundational principles define Marxism and communism. Or consider ‘the abolition of public control of the means of economic production and the consolidation of private control of the means of political production.’ Those foundational principles define capitalist democracy. In this chapter, I propose a foundational principle for social democracy: the abolition of private control over the means of political production, including elections and appointments, campaign and party finance, popular participation, and legislative and policy-making processes. Or, for short, the abolition of class government. This chapter appears in The Constitution of Social Democracy (Alan Bogg, Jacob Rowbottom, and Alison Young, eds., Hart Publishing, 2020). Also available on

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